Installing Airmousse Inserts

Watch our installation video to learn the easiest way to install Airmousse. You can also follow the instructions below.

To change mousse is quite easy if you have the right type of tools.

We highly recommend the following;

  • Tire changer
  • Protective Gloves
  • Wrench to loosen the rim lock
  • Proper tire levers (at least five)
  • Brush to apply the silicone gel
  • Rim lock
  • Spray bottle (water mixed with soap)

Step 1 – Remove the tire from the rim

Put the wheel on the tire changer and unscrew the rim lock.
If the wheel is stuck to the rim, you can use the tire changer to press the wheel down and loosen it from the rim.

Put the tire levers in between the rim and the wheel. Remember not to place them too far apart from each other, keep it around 10-15 cm. When the tire levers are in place start pressing down on the second lever from the end since it will prevent the other from slipping out.

When the first part of the tire is loose, lift it off from the tire changer and place it with the other side up. Then press the tire off the rim with the tire changer all the way around.

Step 2 – Insert new mousse in the tire

We recommend you use a brush to apply the silicone gel on the inside of the tire. Use half the tube inside the tire and apply the other half on the mousse. (A tube of 85/100 gram silicone gel is included when order a mousse). Use a spray bottle with water mixed with a little bit of soap and spray the edges of the tire. That will help you to get the tire back on the rim.

After you add the silicone insert the mousse into the tire. Use of a pair of protective gloves for easy handling and cleanup.

Step 3 – Install the tire on the rim

To get the tire back on the rim, place it on to the tire changer. Use the tire levers to press the tire on. Use small steps all the way around.

When the tire is back on it’s time to get it in place inside the rim by using the tire levers. This can be the trickiest part but by putting them close to each other it will make the installation a lot easier. Work your way around half the tire, then use a tire lever to fix the tire by placing it between the rim and tire. That will prevent the tire to slip back up when working your way around. Very important to work in small steps and continuously lock the tire by using the levers.