• Airmousse does not need a break-in period
  • Airmousse comes in a wide range of sizes and hardnesses – We have a product for everyone.
  • The material of unique rubber components gives Airmousse a much plusher pneumatic (air) feel and eliminate the “dead feel”. It gives you a much more vivid, lighter, and traction-enhanced feeling out of the box.
  • The formula gives the mousse a low-pressure predictable ride, resistance to impacts and increased impact absorption.
  • The development has taken place together with professional riders and countless hours of testing of the products.
  • Long durability!
  • Airmousse means you will never have a flat again!

At airmousse_usa.com or via authorized dealers.

It depends on different criteria’s:

  • Which mousse you use. A softer mousse has a bit shorter life span than a mousse with higher bar/psi.
  • Racing conditions. Very tough racing conditions, high speed and heat will shorten the life span of the mousse.
  • It’s very important to get the right size of the mousse for your tires. Visit our Tire Fitment Guide to make sure you get the correct size.
  • It is important to follow the instructions for installation of the mousse. It’s also very important to use the silicone gel that is included in your order - or can be purchased separately in our shop. At regular intervals, add more silicone gel to the tires when riding.

The weight is working together with the running hours, a lighter mousse has a shorter life compared to a heavier mousse.

The mousses weigh between 650-2300 gram.

Yes, there is a big difference between some brands! The difference is how large the tire is inside.

  • For e.g., Bridgestone X40 110-100-18 is quite large inside, and you will need an Airmousse size 140-0-10 for the best fit.
  • Compared to Mitas C16 110-100-18 which is smaller inside and you will need a Airmousse sized at 120-90-18

Visit our Tire Fitment Guide to make sure you choose the right size. If you can't find your model, please contact us at info@airousse_usa.com or via the contact form, and we will help you find the perfect match.

Yes! For dual sport riding we recommend using the HD or the Rally mousse.

For safety reasons it's important to change the mousse before it gets too soft and unstable for safe riding. You will experience a weakened resistance to impacts when the mousse wears.

When the mousse takes form of a pear it's time for a change.

Airmousse should not be stored for a long time in temperatures above 86°F/30°C and it is best to avoid temperatures above 104°F/40°C altogether. Keep the mousse away from direct sunlight.

Airmousse is for off-road use only. Do not use Airmousse at speeds above 75 mph (120k m/h), as it will lead to premature wear.


Check out our Tire Fit Guide!

Visit our Tire Fitment Guide to ensure you choose the right size!

If you can't find your model, please contact us at info@airmousse-use.com and we will help you find the perfect match. We are constantly working to develop the Tire Fitment Guide. If you have used an Airmousse successfully on a tire model that's not listed in the guide, please let us know and we will send you a free hat!


Have a look at our easy to follow guide where we take you step by step through the installation process. The guide includes both reading material and video instructions. You'll find it HERE!

It's very important to use silicone gel when installing a mousse. The gel prevents friction between the mousse and the tire walls. Friction will create heat which shortens the lifetime of the mousse.

All mousse purchases include a 85-100g gel tube. Use all the lubrication when installing. Apply half the tube inside the tire and the other half to the outside of the mousse. For more installation tips and tricks check out our instructional video.